Oliver Williams's Feature film debut, made in 2018 with friends and family at a micro-budget, using an iPhone.  
Oliver wrote, produced, designed [and built two full film sets], directed and shot the film.  The story follows Adira, a writer who is stuck in a Tinder-style dating loop.  Her escape is to write about her life, 'improving' and 'rose-tinting' it in much the same way we do when using Facebook or Instagram. Trouble occurs when she attempts to 'improve' the life of her date, in her work. 
Adira's dream is 76minutes long.
Our World Premier in August 2019 was at 
*** Madrid Film Festival 2019: 
Nominated Best Story, Best Lead Actress in a Feature, Best Sound Design
Subsequently we were fortunate enough to be selected for prizes at the following Festivals in 2019:
*** Winner – Best Actress 
Eurasia International Film Festival in Moscow
*** Winner – Best Feature Film
Hollywood Hills Film Awards
*** Winner – Best Feature Film
Mindfield Film Festival in Albuquerque
*** Platinum Award – Best Feature Film
Hollywood Film Competition
*** Nominated at Milan International Filmmaker's Festival: Best Film, Best Lead Actress in a Feature, Best Cinematography
*** Silver Award Winner  - Best Narrative Feature
NorCal International Film Festival in California
*** Finalist:   Author's International Film Festival / FIC AUTOR in Mexico
*** Semi-Finalist:   Anaheim International Film Festival in California
2020 [to play]:
*** Golden State Film Festival, at the Chinese Theatre in LA. From mid to late February
*** Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema in California, in mid-March
With Roger Taylor [Drummer for Queen], Anne Archer, Erica Christensen, and Irene Bedard [the voice of Disney's Pocahontas] among those on the Judging panel
2019 [other Festivals played at]
*** Wallachia Int'l Film Festival in Romania
*** Under The Stars International Film Festival in LA
*** Global Film Festival Awards in LA
A girl uses a typewriter to write a script about her life. She uses it to make aspects of her life 'better', 'rose tinting it' in much the way we do when we use Facebook or Instagram to make our lives appear better to other people. Trouble happens when she chooses to do this to someone else.
A first date becomes a torment of past and present relationships. Set in a quirky west London restaurant, millennials Adira and Dan sit down to their first date together.
Despite matching on a dating app, on the first impression, photographer Dan does not fit Adira’s archetype. After an awkward first course, screenwriter Adira explains her struggles with writer's block, Dan suggests she write a screenplay of her own life.
Awkward silences at the dining table transport us to intimate moments with Adira in her flat. We see her struggles with depression and loneliness. A dark figure follows Adira like a shadow through London streets. Gushing streams moving upward through a Nordic valley take us deep into Adira’s sub-consciousness.
Moving through various dream-like states reality becomes uncertain. Adira is writing, we hear the typewriter violently tapping, is she changing the course of events? Back at the restaurant, Dan has become visibly distressed. His character viscous.
This is life through a social media lens, a fifty-word limit, and endless filters - until a violent encounter brings reality crashing down.
About the Director:
Oliver Williams completed shooting his first feature length [76 minutes] film, 'Adira's Dream', in August 2018, shot on an iPhone X, with a Moondog Labs anamorphic lens adapter. Post production finished in March 2019 and the film has been entered into festivals: national [British] and international.
A talk given at the Watlington Library for FOWL.
Oliver Williams completed shooting his first feature length film, 'Adira's Dream',  in August 2018, shot on an iPhone X, with a Moondog Labs anamorphic lens adapter.  Post production finished in March 2019 and the film has been entered into festivals: national [British] and international.
In this talk Oliver describes how he wrote, produced, directed and shot the film. He shows details of two sets he built for the film, in his parent's barn in rural Oxfordshire.  He also describes the details of working with Actors and heads of department for production and post production of a small independent film, and the mistakes made along the way.
ADIRA'S DREAM is an OBLIDAH production. Any material seen in this video is the sole property of OBLIDAH LTD unless otherwise stated.
For more information about Adira's Dream visit ADIRA.FILM
Work with Royal Ballet Dancers Stanislaw Wegrzyn and Amelia Townsend

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