Oliver Williams is a Film Director, Artist and Photographer who works in the film industry as a Concept Artist and Art Director on medium to high budget films. 
He has extensive experience draughting in Rhino since graduating from the Oxford School of Architecture, at Oxford Brookes, in 2014.
Having grown up in a village in Oxfordshire, close to Pinewood film studios, he has been influenced by both his creative parents and especially the work of his grandfather: the late Lawrence P. Williams[motion picture Art Director, and designer of David Lean's classic 'Brief Encounter']. 
He has had a childhood saturated with drawing and art and followed this through school to study Architecture at university. He has been awarded a Major Art Scholarship and won the 'Tate Times drawing competition' in 2007. In 2014 he was runner up for the Scott Brownrigg undergraduate drawing prize for best hand drawn visualisation of a project.
The 'drawing a day' project came about inspired by several key events in Oliver's life. For the most up to date images from the 'Drawing a day' project, please visit his instagram page. Oliver's artwork is based in drawing, photographic mediums and collage.